Tire balancing

Anybody have any experience with or thoughts on “Dynabead” or pellet
method of balancing tires? (i.e. bb’s poured in through valve stem)

I know they are controversial but I can almost accept the physics
explanations of how they work.

I am still skeptical and would appreciate any input.

If I remember correctly, I think Jeff (RL_139) uses these.

Derick has done it to his trail tires.


I use air soft bb’s, they work well. (36" tires)

I use air soft on my 32" street/trail tires
I have no complaints, the noise of the pellets droping when you stop kinda throws you for a loop till you get used to it

Thanks guys…

I went ahead and ordered the ceramic one’s from Dynabead.

I should know pretty quickly if they work!

the airsofts work well enough on my 34LTB’s to get me to 65mph on the highway

Go with the airsoft and save yourself some $$$ and time. I just used my Hi-Lift to break the bead, them poured them in out of a pre-measured zip-lock.

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