Thoughts on Rugged Ridge Snorkel?

Just came across this on JeepForum today and it looks pretty well thought out. Comes with two options standard. Running the pre-filter only, or attaching the ram air 21" extension. Doesn’t seem to require any cutting (although I have the AEV hood already, so the AEV snorkel wouldn’t require much, if any, modification anyway).

Now, I’m not necessarily in the market for a snorkel, but it’s always a nice peace of mind and this just stuck out as a pretty good looking setup with real world application. What stands out is that it comes with both the pre-filter and air ram options by default (AEV makes you choose one option or the other upfront), its modular, and EAD offroad has introductory pricing of $279.99 through the end of June (retail is $399). Heck, I’m almost tempted to pick one up and resell it a few months later if I don’t end up using it! :laughing:

Just curious what others think, and wanted to spread the word on what seems like a good deal on a new and well thought out product. I’m sure Tex will chime in since he’s one of the only guys around here I know that runs a snorkel on the JK!

Link to JeepForum thread discussing the snorkel: … l-1214472/

BTW, is linking to other forums kosher around here? If not, don’t taze me bro! haha

ya, linking is fine. Personally i try my hardest to stay out of the water and don’t have any need for a snorkel but i have heard Ram Air is a good upgrade so at 2 for the price of 1 it doesn’t sound like a bad deal.

Yeah, I’m with you there. Normally not in the water, either for legal reasons, mud reasons, or lack of water in the first place. Not even sure why I bring it up, except for price, looks, versatility, and the ‘just in case’ scenarios. Oh, and Tex’s seat of the pants dyno results from running his snorkel :laughing:

They do strictly state that its not intended for any horsepower gains, but I’ve also heard reports that the ram air can help a bit with the mpgs? Who knows how much fact there is to any of it though?

Just dreaming I guess, don’t really have any money anyway until I figure out my employment scenario!

If you already have the AEV hood, I would go with the AEV snorkle. It’s pretty cheap and the single best performance mod I’ve done to my Jeep. The snorkle made the difference on the highway of being able to use overdrive vs 3rd. Highly recomend the ram air version. We don’t live in the desert. We don’t need a pre-filter.

As for nessesity… I’ve needed mine a few times. And two of those trails were on NEA approved trail rides. The water was unavoidable. The JK is quite ready for water after the snorkle with a couple of exeptions. First, the trans and transfer case breathers are not mounted high enough for even the stock fording capabilty. Those need to be extended and moved up to at least the top of the engine compartment. Second, pull off every wire/plug you can find. Including and especially spark plug wires, and put dielectric grease on the termiinals. Third, make sure you know where ALL of the floor drains are. There are a lot more than you think. Much easier to find with the carpet removed, so if you want to look in mine… no problems.