For anyone interested this Sunday May 27 is Eve of destruction at Thompson Speedway. Awesome time if your into demo Derby stuff, trailer trash race, jet powered vehicles, other fun immature activities and world class fireworks. I bring the whole family and make a day of it, tailgating etc. We’ll be there with the jeeps if anyone else is going.

Never been. Gene did a demo derby last year but I think it was at Seekonk.

It really is an awesome time,there is something for all ages there

sounds awesome

I may want to go to this. Anyone else game?

i might be but it will be a game time decision.

Maybe… We used to go to Seekonk Speedway all the time. I will talk it over with the boss and see what’s up.

What events are run if any between when the gates open (2pm) and the show starts (6pm)?

It varies year to year, there are always lots of free activities for the kids, they have some burn out shows on the track, monster truck rides, motorcycle stunt riders… and other stuff. I always set up our seats when the gates open then go back out to the parking area and fire up the grill while my son and grandson enjoy the activities. There is always a lot to do and I have never been bored

I’d like to check it out.

But at some point I need to get my rig trail ready . . .

On the site they show a few of the activities

Here is their full description

THOMPSON, CT. The annual Eve of Destruction, an event that thousands of fans look forward to each year at the Thompson International Speedway, is slated for this coming Sunday, May 27 th . This night of stunts, crashes, explosions, fireworks and much more is a Memorial Day weekend tradition at Thompson and brings together a star studded cast of amazingly talented performers and thrill seeking fans.

Headlining the Eve of Destruction will be Megasaurus, the prehistoric car-eating monster. Megasaurus stands three stories tall and weighs in at over 50,000 pounds and has an insatiable appetite for cars left by unsuspecting owners. Viper and XDP Monster Trucks will also be on hand to race, jump, crush cars and perform some breathtaking stunts.

Crash Moreau, a 44 year veteran of auto thrill shows, and Chris Morena the lead stunt performer in numerous films and the star of the Disney World presentation of Lights, Motors, Action, have thrilled Thompson fans in the past with their incredible automobile stunts. They return this year with some brand new daredevil performances.

Paul Stender of Indianapolis, Indiana is the undisputed king of jet powered vehicles. He will fire up the fans with his performances of amazing power and speed. The street bike stunt show from Ray Ray Productions will thrill and amaze everyone with jumps, wheelies, and more. A thrilling free style Dirt Bike show which will feature amazing back flips and will add to the two wheel vehicle excitement.

Demolitions derbies are always a hit with fans and competitors. The Eve of Destruction will feature both full-size and four cylinder cars. Competing is not only fun, but a great way to make some good money if the car is among the last running. Along those same lines is one of the most popular features of the Eve of Destruction; the trailer trash race. This hilarious event has become a staple for the Eve of Destruction and fans love the pageantry that leads up to what becomes an exciting, fun-filled event that generates side splitting laughter, enjoyment, mass destruction and madcap mayhem.

Once all of this has been completed, the night sky around the Thompson Speedway will light up with a spectacular fireworks display.

Thompson’s midway will be transformed into a dazzling array of inflatable attractions for youngsters to enjoy between 2 PM when gates open and the start of the Eve of Destruction program which is slated for 6 PM.

Admission is family priced at just $20.00 for adults with youngsters, ages 6-14, admitted for only $10.00. Little ones 5 and under are invited to join in for free. The entire line up of attractions for the May 27 th Eve of Destruction is on the track’s web page.

Melissa and I will be there

So… who’s going and what time are those some peoples going???

Gene and Jaimie just passed me on there way up.

DOH! We completely forgot about it! We were just saying what a lame MD Weekend this has been since we didn’t go anywhere or do anything! Sorry… :unamused:

Oh… That’s too bad Stacy it was a really good time, I saw a few OSJ vehicles in the parking lot hope everyone had a good time I know we did

so I guess there was a mix up seakonk and thompson both had thrill shows the same night. Thompson was awesome though

Ya… now we know where baby Megasaurus’ come from :stuck_out_tongue:

The Seekonk one was amsome also lol too bad there both the same night