Thick Cut Gears????

I’m looking to start upgrading Buckwheat…Has anyone used thick cut gears or heard of any issues with them? I’m trying to keep the budget down.
I’m thinkin 4.56 thick cut with a mini spool for the rear.

Isuzu Rodeo setup?

scratch that… :blush:

It’s got a D44 in the rear. And I was tossing around the idea of thick cut ring gear instead of replacing the carrier. It’s got 3.55 gears now, want to go to 4.56…

i was thinking… i dont know.

never really heard much about thinker gear sets

I run the thick cut gears in my front 60. Nothing wrong with them. I actaully did those when I bought the Detroit because for some strange reason, they were cheaper. Same with my 14 bolt. The Thick cut gears are cheaper. In theory they should be as strong if not stronger because of the extra steel to dissapate the heat. They make it easy to do a gear swap so you don’t have to change the carrier.

Thanks for the input…I did notice they were cheaper on some sites, but wanted to hear from someone who ran them before I bought them.

4.56’s in BuckWheat commin soon…

Thanks again,

Thick cut gears are used to make up the difference between carriers with case break.

For example a dana 60: the 4.10 carrier and the 4.56 carrier… if you installed 5.13 gears on a 4.10 carrier, you would need thick gears, where as with the 4.56 carrier you would need standard gears

Basicly the only diffrence from my knowagle.

I imagine there is some difference when it comes to long term durability and possibly strength. Otherwise, why would we have carrier breaks?

JK D-44’s no longer have case breaks and run the thick cut gears.

Just to add: you can also use ring gear spacers to use 5.13 gears in a 4.10 case. No issues if you use the longer supplied bolts torqued to specs.

I have never heard of those.


But it sounds like its next to the blinker fluid at the parts store :laughing:

Posi knows his shyt

that he does, I later stumbled across them on the intertubes. :sunglasses:

Thanks Derick,

From right to left spacer, 5.13 R&P, and 4.10 R&P

Spacer, spartan, and 5.13 gears with a 4.10 case

IIRC, saved about $200-$300 over buying thick cut gears and 4.56 and numerically up case (spacer $40 for a D-60).