The jeep died and won't start

So a few days ago I went to take the jeep to work. Backed her out of the driveway and she stalled when I put it in drive. Like she always does. But this time she wouldn’t start back up. I have changed the fuel pump, crankshaft sensor and checked for broken wires on the co2 sensors. Checked for spark and fuel. What am I missing???

If spark and fuel are present then perhaps the security system is freaking out? Does is start then quickly die?

Nope just cranks endlessly. Doesn’t even try to fire.

are you getting spark to the plugs? Is there fuel pressure?

Yes and yes the spark doesn’t seem to be consistent with the rotation which is why I put a new crank sensor in. But the coil has good spark. I cleaned the cap and rotor. Plugs are wet from cranking so the fuel is good. I am leaning towards the ECU

What year is it? Did you try to pull any codes? There is a sensor in the distributor that I believe works in conjunction it with the crank sensor.

its a 1997 zj with the 5.2. its not throwing any codes and i had it on the scanner and everything was showing up ok. the cam sensor is under the cap and looks good but i will prob pick one up cause i a running out of things to try. i know its going to end up being something stupid

[size=200]Ain’t got no Fuel[/size]

Tanks full and she has a new pump in her. I know cause I cut a hole in the floor to change the pump lol plus the plugs are wet after cranking it

Still might be a good idea to check fuel flow nearer the engine…

At very least check fuel pressure at the rail.

check all fuses, electrical gremlins suck!

I don’t know if there is an ignition pick up under the rotor on those motors, but that put my CJ out of commission with the same symptoms.

Yes there is a pick up in the distributor on the 5.2

I ordered a new cap, rotor, coil and pickup for the distributor. I also have a used ECU on its way

i am running out of things to try with this f#$%ing thing.
i have changed
fuel pump, it is getting plenty of fuel to the rails that was just the first thing that came to mind when it stalled and wouldn’t start.
crank sensor
pickup / cam sensor / stator / no one calls it the same thing
checked all fuses
switched the relays around for the ASD
checked the wires for the c02 sensor

i am going to pick up a new mopar crank sensor cause i have read a few people have got bad ones from the local parts stores
and i ordered a new coil cap and rotor that should be in today or tomorrow. if that does not work i am going to pull the whole engine wiring harniess out split it open and check for breaks.

if anyone can think of anything that i am missing please let me know.

I am not sure if your wiring will be the same as my 98 TJ but I have an electrical list that I will post once I get home. It basically walks you through each location to check and what the voltages should be at any given time. It will tell you if you have a bad sensor or broken wire.

I think u should starte checking voltages every were and grounds…ill see if i can get a print out of the volts at the shop…i can help u sat late after noon and sunday dont pull the harness yet we can find the bad wire if there is one

i just printed out a pcm wiring diagram for the zj this is going to be very helpful hopeful i can find the issue tonight if not i will be out there sat after work if you want to swing by.

i got to get it fixed soon though its been keeping me in a pissed off mood that i cant fix it. with the wedding less than a month away if i keep acting like a dick instead of i do’s it will be go fuck your self’s lol

Did you check the coil? A few years ago it took a garage 3 days to diagnose a bad coil on my rig.