tech question not Jeep related

Krysta and I are considering buying a small trailer and pulling it with her Subaru. All we’re finding is stuff like landscape trailers and stuff like that. How difficult would it be to convert something like that to a closed trailer and how much weight do you think we could pull?

thinking about something like this:

Do they even make hitches for those Subarus? I can’t imagine it would be fun towing more than a couple thousand pounds. Probably better to rent a truck and tow the Subaru . . .

x2, however if you do decide to purchase a trailer…a small landscape trailer would prob be perfect, lightweight. lots of those trailers do have the diamond mesh decks so gear could get wet if it rains even when covered. be sure to check that the wheel bearings are in good working order too

You’re best bet would be a small enclosed trailer, Something in the 4x6 range. It looks like the subi is only rated 200/2000lb max. Plus you’re looking at a hitch and wiring. Ive been wanting to install a hitch on Melissa’s forester but I just haven’t gotten around to it.

Here’s a trailer with a solid floor and stake sides, Use a tarp to cover?

Here’s another with a solid floor and side stake pockets, We could easily build up some side rails like the trailer above and you could use a tarp to cover up anything inside.

Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help out.