Tech day

i’ll be working in the drive way on Sat. i should be there all day. i’ll be trying to dial in my gears on the front diff.

damn rain! i got a couple bolts tightened that have been rattling around but never got to the gears, wheeling anytime soon is looking not so good

Do you want to drive up to my house and use the garage? We will at least be able to fit the font end in and work in it. I’ll be around all day tomorrow.

ahhh doing some more research on whats going on and why my setup keeps failing. i’m thinking i might just have to drop this thing off at Mitchell’s. in order to get the right spec numbers i had to take the inner pinion oil baffle out but apparently it needs to be installed otherwise with a HP axle the pinion bear can starve out of oil. which i think is what has happened.