We need a tech day, I want to install my grill mesh and I cant get it to fit properly!

I’m in. just let me know when and where.

I’m down if I can make it., day and place ?

Paul, their calling you!!! :smiley:

i’ll come and watch :smiley:

That means you are supposed to get skid plates instead.


Grill Mesh? We don’t need no stinkin’ grill mesh…

Purely cosmetic! haha… Just like the look of it. … Bumper and rails are in the mix soon

Perhaps you should buy a bra for your jeep too :laughing:


Paul you hosting this Sunday or what?

I can staple insect netting in your grille if you’d like, prob cheaper

Okay, this Sunday the 11th. My place at 10:00 or so. New guys can pm me for my address or just ask Eric. Jeff, would you post this in the members section? Thanks.

I can be there by 1 on Sunday gotta drop the wife off at the airport

It was only $35 so I said why not!

Due to an unforeseen emergency Paul has informed me tomorrows tech day has been canceled.
As soon as he can Paul will give us some info as to what is happening (I hope)

Sorry to hear that. Hope everything is ok.