Tech Day (This Saturday 3.29)

Alright I’m in desperate need of a tech day for the TJ. As some of you know my TJ started knocking pretty bad after the toy run. I’ve picked up a similar mileage motor out of a 95. (I know I should just put in a 4.0 but I just can’t afford everything else that goes along with it) I know I will need to swap the oil pan and pick up to the 95 motor. I also picked up a 1" MML to install at the same time. I’d be glad to provide food and beer, but unfortunately I’m lacking in the garage and mechanical departments. Any help would be appreciated, I’m going through some serious jeep withdrawals. Thanks in advance.

i have installed a bunch of these engines. 4cyls are much easier to install than a 4.0. let me know when you would like to do it shouldnt take more than a couple hours.

Cody when were you looking at doing this? I’m probably the closest to you if you want to use my garage(I have the tools, equipment and heat).

put up a date and ill try to help

i might be able to come by and watch :wink:

We can use my uncle’s shop

I know I’m a long way away from you but if you need a place to work, my barn is available for you.

x2 :laughing:

I’ll watch and heckle… As long as no one throws a beer can
at my head I can help too…

:laughing: …but out of line

Ok so now for a bit of tech, I have a new oil pan gasket, ordering a new oil pump and screen tonight. Anything else I should pick up? Thanks in advance

i had to replace my pan, the worst parts were getting the right pan and having to unbolt the exhaust manifold.

i didnt really need anything extra unless you accidentally mare up the rear main seal

New exhaust purchased (thanks Derrick and Krissy) also picked up a new water pump and thermostat for the new motor. Now just to get everything together. :mrgreen:

So planning on getting some work done saturday. Just need to confirm with Ricky on what time. Hoping to get some work done to freshen up the motor, then drop it in next weekend.

Sorry cant make it I got my own tech day for my engine swap .

Where and what time?

Starting at 10. 2423 noose neck hill rd in Coventry … m2!1m0!1m0

Huge thank you to everyone who came out and helped.

So what happened? Done? Pictures?