Tech day - Saturday 04-06-2013

If anyone is available I will be doing a lot of work on the jeep this Saturday… Be out there around 9am till who knows and can offer pizza and beer/soda for anyone who wants to stop by to help or just to BS.

Things to do, in no particular order…

  • Change steering box and pitman arm - bought a hi-performance box from PSC
  • Rear main seal (not going to be fun)
  • Front freeze plug (has a slight leak)
  • Fuel tank skid plate - Thanks Ricky for the plate! - Yes I do have new straps…
  • Change fluids (trans, transfer, both axles
  • Wire my auto dim / temp rear view mirror
  • Replace the heater resistor pack
  • Spot weld some small holes in my muffler
  • Check / adjust front end alignment
  • Center the steering wheel - I did not do a good job last time…

I have the tools needed.

If i didnt have drill i would swing by.

Going to be wheeling/scouting a new property in Blackstone. Might be able to stop by for a few mid-afternoon.

if i can get my junk back together by then i’ll swing by

thanks guys… my address and number are in the member contact list… let me know what you drink so I have it on hand…

Well my power steering box just blew a seal today and dumped most of its oil on the driveway. I may be up for helping out, I can at very least help with the gas tank skid, I remember how much mine fought me to install.

What a thing to come out to… was this on the 97 or 08? if it was the 97, your welcome to mine… It leaks a little and has some play in it …

Bought all the stuff to do the fluid changes etc…WOW…can you say expensive! Had to almost mortgage my house! Anyway…does anyone have a bottle pump I could borrow? If not I will hit Autozone on my way home to see what they have… pepboys didn’t have one in stock

I got a couple things done last night but it was a rather frustrating day… I bought a fluid transfer pump from AutoZone… basically it looks just like a grease gun… it somewhat worked with one HUGE drawback… gear oil kept filling in behind the pushing gasket which would then pour out the back in large amounts… ERRRR cleaning up spilled gear oil in the driveway is not fun… probably lost a full quart to the driveway gods due to this POS tool! All that said, I did manage to change the fluid in both axles and even paint the covers while I was at it. Luckily there were NO metal shavings in either axle…phew!

I also installed my new PSC steering box… Installation was easy and it fit perfectly however I still have a lot of side to side play in the wheel. I hope its not the new box… going to check it out this morning…

Today I am going to build a custom CB bracket to move my full size CB from the console to above the mirror, maybe drop the tank to replace the broken skid plate with the one I got from Ricky and a few other fun things.

Going back out there for a little while if anyone is bored and wants to stop by. Call or text me so I know your coming, my number is in the member contact list thread.

sorry i couldnt make it over to help Glenn. i’ve been shoulders deep trying to get my Jeep back on all fours after about 3 weeks of being on jackstands. well at least the weather has been decent these last couple days minus the wind today.

No problem Derick I know you are trying to get yours back on the road.

Had better luck today then I did yesturday… Built a bracket to hang my CB over the mirror and then wired up the auto dim mirror… It even works! p

Since I am on vacation, I’ll probably work on it tomorrow too.

its going to be a beautiful day. good luck

I heard they can get you much further down the trail. :mrgreen:

Funny…I heard the exact same thing!!.. now that it is hooked up, the jeep even seems to have more power…weird :laughing: