Tech day Nov 2 for 5-speed to AW4 conversion

I am finally changing to an AW4 auto after shifting for what seemed like 10,000 times on the way home yesterday due to a traffic jam.

My plan is to clean out the crap in the garage so HOPEFULLY the jeep will fit in… then at least we can be out of the cold…

The plan is to remove the 5-speed trans and install the AW4 along with clocking the transfer case and installing the super short sye. After everything is installed I will have to measure for the XJ front axle for the rear and get RI driveshaft to cut and balance it.

This week I will build the custom wiring harness that is needed so there will only be about 12 wires that will have to be spliced into the TJ harness…

I will be out there early 8am ish but feel free to stop by when you can as there is LOTS to do.

Park in the driveway or out front and walk down the driveway and go right into the garage (don’t knock).

As always, I will provide pizzas along with soda/water/beer

Glenn I have your drive shaft and brake pedal/bracket. I will try to touch base with you early next week.

Thanks Mike

I can make it to lend a hand glenn

I will be at the NEA meeting. If it ends early enough I would like to stop by.

I’m planing on going after my son special Olympics. So maybe 11am. Do u need any tools.

Good luck to your son in the Olympics!

The only tool I am missing is a pilot bearing puller to remove the pilot bearing. Going to try and get one this week.

Well it looks like the “clicking” sound I was wondering about in another thread is actually something loose in the bottom end ugh!

I was at Jeeps Unlimited today getting some electrical connectors for the AW4 conversion and was talking to Ryan about the noise. He then said since I bought the engine from them he would give me another one even though it was almost a year ago. I though this was very good customer service!!!

So…the tech day will now include an R & R on the engine as well which I will be picking up this wee, Probably a little easier to install the engine and trans at the same time anyway…

That’s Ray, he’s a great guy and has helped me a bunch.

oops yes Ray not Ryan… thanks and I agree that he is going above and beyond! I had told him I was going to buy another engine from them because of the noise and that was when he said he would give me another one.

Update : picking up the new engine wed or Thursday so I will be taking Friday off to clean it up, painting it, new gaskets etc if anyone wants to stop over Friday to get dirty. Sat will still be the install day.

Glen r u still a go for sat.

I will miss most of this for work sat but I might
stop by if I’m not burnt out…

Sat is still a go. Lots to do and little time to do it in. Friday is mostly to prep the engine.

sorry I will be to the swap meet sat and meeting sunday

No need to be sorry… this is a “show up if you can” event

BIG thanks to Josh and Mike for helping with the engine prep today. We were able to clean, install all new gaskets and get the AW4 attached… Tomorrow (Sat) the old one can come out and the new assembly can go in… Then wiring, sye install etc…

We wont mention who had to be pulled off one of the rocks on my trail… :laughing: