Tech Day July 13th w/Kettlebottom

So going to have a Tech day for my jeep things i want to get done

  1. Lockright locker
  2. Front sleeves
  3. C-Gussets
  4. New ball joints

Kettlebottom wants to come by to film us working on my Jeep. I will provide burgers and dogs, BYOB. Its going to be at Chris’s house (BigRed86). You can find his address in the members section or if you can not view that text me 4012563607

i don’t know crap about how to do most of that (I mean, I can do it in my head, but theory and reality are totally different) but if you don’t mind, and I’m not stuck at work I’d love to learn!

where does the gas tank skid fit in all of this

I think I have an answer for you (Jay)…

From what I’ve been reading about JK gas tank skids a lot of people just keep taking the
stock one down and beating out the dents and putting it back on until it fails…
then weld/gusset as necessary. At that point you will know if you should spend
money on a relocated gas tank/fuel cell, an aftermarket skid, or change your wheeling style…

I’m gonna take mine down soon and do just that.

I’d be happy to work on Matt’s that day…

I should be able to swing on by and help, got a welder for the c gussets?

however, the gas tank is a highly likely area of contact on departure. relocation doesn’t seem practical on a dd, and dropping the tank continuously to bang out dents is a pain in the ass…drop once, put on a skid

Rough Country has an gas tank skid for 150 bucks. So I will be adding that to the to do list.

The stock gas tank skid is more than adequate, save the money,
bang the dents out of the stock skid!

Um, JK’s have their fuel tank on the passenger side in front of the rear axle, so I dont think departure is an issue…

So this Tech day might be need to reschedule till after the Jeep festival. I am getting promoted in the Army and the new unit i am going to is doing their two weeks training July 12th till the 27th. I will find out next week if i have to go or not. I was hoping to get this done for the next camp and wheel. Might just pick up a gas tank skid and do it in my drive way before the camp and wheel

Shouldn’t we proceed anyway but find more rigs to work on so that KB may shoot footage for the event build-up?

Don’t count me out yet, i been email TY he said even after the event (Jeep Fest) he can shoot some footage

too bad we didnt get them to come out to the 4th of July party, would have been a good chance to get some club footage