Tech day @ Gene's this Sat 6/22

Doing a tech day at Gene’s uncles house in Johnston again this weekend. Going to be removing the diamond plate & putting new side armor on my Jeep, Making some rocker armor/sliders, maybe relocating brake lines etc. and whatever Gene has going on with his Jeep. Any extra hands are wanted! Really need a few hands to hold the armor for mock up, not realy any getting dirty involed.

Lunch is on me or maybe cooking on the grill. Text Gene or message me if you don’t already know the address. Thanks hope to see some people there.


ill be in NH, good luck

Get it done then come help with the trail cut on Sunday.

i have to go to a funeral

Forgot to mention… I’ll buy beer! Lol maybe a beer bribe will help :smiley:

I would come help but i have drill this weekend

might swing on by, most likely got some ot to work though

I guess its only you mike lol…

I’ll be at my place working on sliders and track bar replacement.

i have to go to a funeral, sorry.

No worries sorry for your loss.

And yea gene looks like we’re working overtime lol.