tech day for mikemizz Saturday 5/25

We will be doing a lift kit for mike this Saturday. Doing a sye at the same time and also be welding ing a new piece of frame rail . It will be held at my uncles most likly be cooking on the grill and drinking beers. Wi be starting in the a.m either text me or write back on here.

Lol Thanks Gene you’re the man. I’ll buy some beers what’s everyone like?

I should be able to swing by in the afternoon, gotta do yard work first

That would be cool thanks.

im down

i have to get my yard and garden done.but might stop by in the afternoon. Gene send me a pm with the address

mike what size lift are you going with

4" it’s a used lift but is off Gene’s buddys Jeep and still in good shape. I seen your Jeep at GTD but didn’t see ya was going to say hello

i’ll probably swing by in the afternoon, interested in the sye install. Any tools you may need? (doubtful)

The more the better! My gf Kim is going to bring Pizzas for everyone around 3pm

I have AM plans - but will probably stop by in the afternoon.

Heres the address 13 greenville ave johnston ri 02919 there is a pool if its clean lol and if its warm… a grill fridge and seats maybe a fire pit if we get into the night hours

id like to go and will keep it on the back burner…wheeling sunday, and it’ll be a lot of driving for me(fuel)

I don’t land until about 5:00 pm but if you are still working at that time then I will swing by to disrupt further progress.

i dont come home till sunday

Just come!

Weather doesn’t look pretty for the weekend…backup plan?

A little rain wont hurt lol gonna set up a tent

what time you wanna start… and you need any tools?

Im hoping for 11a.m and bring tools if you want