Tech day for Krzychef401 Sunday 10/20

Going to help Jason (krzychef401) on Sunday. He’s the one with the little red YJ that was with us a GAJR, GG & Voluntown. He purchased a lift and already did the front but needs a couple hands finishing the rear, probably a small transfer case drop etc. Also a front floor pan to weld in. (Ricky, Mike, gene b, mike j ?? Lol) welder is already there, not sure what it is he’d have to chime in on that?.

Hard part is already done so with a few people this could only take a few hours. He’ll be provided food and if wanted, beer.

It will be in Smithfield. He’ll have to reply with address and phone nunber.

Anyone in?


As for a time, whatever seems to work for everyone else. I’d say start early so there’s still football watching time

Any help would be greatly appreciated! We can start anytime, my contact info is

The address is 78 greenlake drive smithfield ri 02828

I should be able to stop by for a few hours in the morning

I’ll try but I have football in morning and it’s away. Might be early afternoon

not sure what i have going on but but i might be able to wing by for a couple hours

Let me know when to be there in the morning

Up to Jay to confirm but I’m thinking 10 would be a good time to start? I figure start early so we’re done early. if we have someone working on both sides in the rear I figure it will only take a couple hours. A transfer case drop is quick enough to.

You got plenty of floor jacks right Jay? Grab a bunch of good cut off wheels to. I like the Dewalt XP extended performance cut off wheels, they’re about $1.50 more each but last and don’t break as often. Grab em at Lowes.

Any other tools needed?

10 am is perfect guys. I have a really big floor jack as well as a smaller one. and about 4 jackstands. I have two grinder cut off wheels and a sawzall. a brand new welder, and most every other tool there is except for cutting torches I don’t have.

being a chef there will be food there. lol im thinking bbq pulled pork, chilli, maybe coleslaw, and idk what else everyone would want but I can make anything.lasagna?

Some Omaha Steaks,. couple of fresh lobsters and some premium swordfish steaks.

Lol jk

Lol mike, omaha steaks suck lol too expensive for what you get… Your the boat guy, get us out to sea and we can grab some fresh swordfish or tuna and i would be glad to butcher it up and grill it lol

I have plenty of mako steaks from a couple weeks ago . . .

Mako is excellent… Actually kind of like it better than swordfish… And its cheaper

Never tried it, might have to grab one off you!

Its steaky just like tuna or swordfish mild in flavor just the same delish mahi
Still one of my 1st picks along with tuna

I’ve had Mahi Mahi, very good.

Back on topic, we still need people!!! Lol

Big maybe on this… good food is a great motivator!

Well so far everyone’s a maybe. Lol. I’d like to be done by football time so any help is good help lol. Mjcanham you still helping ?

I will be there around 10. Do I need to bring anything?