tech day 4 13/14

I have a few things to do to the yj clutch fuel pump and pull the valve cover and see what the noise is under there. Mike nelson will be helping me and will be at his house we could use a couple hands. I think we will start after one on Saturday. Im hoping to get the 500 miles so I can make it to ma bell

We would love to be able to slam this out in one day but, can only acomplish this with the help of a couple people. We need two people to work on the transmission/clutch, and a couple of hands to work on the head. If anyone can make it, we will be starting about 1-130. I have to start later because of baseball coaching commitments with my son’s team.


i wont be able to make it. i have to watch Mila on Sat.

I’ll try to swing on by after I install my sway bar

Anything going on today (sun)?

How did you make out?

I had to work sat…

We finished it all by 9pm last night.