T case drop

Looking for a tj t case drop spacer.

I have heard of people using washers to drop it down 1/2" or so. You will need longer bolts which you can get at home depot or lowes along with the washers. Get lock washers and use some locktite.

Thanks I just was trying to see if any one had one laying around. Wanted to make it strong didn’t know if washers would be strong. Till I get some money to get sye,shaft etc.

I will be installing my sye soon so I will have one available. Our price @ crown for the sye is quite reasonable the shaft is thee more expensive part

Jeff let me know. I’m hoping to put the lift in the spring thx.

i have one for a zj will it work on a tj or is there 6 bolts that hold up the cross member?

Likewise. Probably won’t be for a few weeks though.

There are 6 bolts on the TJ cross member…

well you could use the 4 aluminum spacers on the corners and washers on the 2 middle ones. If you want them you can have them just pm me and i’ll give you my cell

thanks guys i picked up some space bars on ebay for a buck could not pass it up. but found out the hard way that TJ have 2 different size skid plates 97-02 and 03 and on. i just need to drill one hole not bad…

your first lesson, its never as easy as i should be

wish i saw this earlier I have free spacers