Synthetic Winch Cable

Anybody have any suggestions for synthetic winch cable? i’m buying a cheap second hand winch but it has no cable so i figured if i’m going to get something, it might as well be something decent.

AmSteel Blue is the only way to go.

Here is the one: … WI90-24506

$300 bucks… :open_mouth: whew!

Cheaper if you buy from AmSteel:

plus a winch plate and fairlead. man! everything else costs more than the winch.

anybody have any suggestions fro a winch plate? any preference on the end? hook/ winch stop?

i found this one i might go with the one below ($255 shipped). although the one that Mike posted might be the same price or cheaper including the fairlead ($263.68) … 89&vxp=mtr

Rough country has cheap winch plates $65 and have fairleads noting top line but works. And there warrnttys nice

I have a winch plate ill sell for 40

i’ll take it Dave just let me know when we can meet up. i work in Plainville, MA and get out around 4:30

i think smittybilt has a pretty affordable synthetic winch line

still in the $300+ range not including the fairlead. i think i will probably go with the amSteel line that is in the ebay listing above. it’s 3/8" and 85’ long and comes with an aluminum fairlead and is $255 shipped. now i just need to come up with the cash… :unamused:

some good info stolen from NEJZ