Hey guys I want to install a sye on the np231 is it very hard to do can it be done in the drive way

i had help but we got it done in my buddies driveway

Is your friend or u able to be bribed to help with mine ill supply food drinks at some point will be a week or so yet

i can help. Bigred86 helped with mine. i’m sure he could be bribed again

It’s not hard at all, as long as you follow the directions and remember how everything goes together. I could help you with it. The only tool that I would suggest getting is snap ring pliers. It will make the job 10X easier.

I have the snap ring pliers.

Also, you need to treat the t-case housing like an egg. DO NOT attempt to pry it apart anywhere except the cast-in pry points or else you will be sorry.

& get some good rtv to reseal when putting back together.

Thanks guys I wish I could have it all in buy the 18 th for your next wheeling trip ugh who was it that said mods get in the way of wheeling

Trucks! just did and sye kit on their Project Unlimited. Looked pretty straight forward. Might be able to find the video on their page.

there are youtube videos of it

I have it on dvr and have watch the u tube so i think i will try it gene offered to help I figure if I run into trouble there somebody on hear that can figure it out

Just make sure you have the snap ring pliers.

i went out and got a hole set today i also drop the skid plate and took front drive shaft and rear and got the case ready to come out i do not want to take it out till new parts are here

Oh oh. Something does not sound right here. This is what you need: … 000P?mv=rr

The pliers with the round tips will not do the job.

I got them and a few other types. With 45 angle and 90