SYE & Driveshatf for XJ

Looking to get SYE & shaft for 99 XJ 4.5 of lift want to get rid of my Tcase drop and all the noise it makes now lol
any good places to go to? and good prices with warranties

check the NE trading post on facebook, post up a WTB. i’m sure someone has one. if not. talk to Jeff at Crown in Canton. he gives us a great deals. you wont get a better deal anywhere else. driveshaft? source and front XJ shaft or have one made by Ton Woods.

this it?


Cockcroft in East Providence will build you a new driveshaft from scratch or if you bring them a driveshaft they will lengthen/shorten as necessary. Turnaround time is usually half a day. I typically drop off in the morning and they call me to come pick it up by noon.

I went with the advance adapters SYE kit. For the drive shaft, if you have an automatic transmission in your Jeep just find someone selling a front drive shaft from an automatic XJ. I paid $35 for the drive shaft that use as my rear now and $40 for the one that I have as a spare for both my front and rear.

i got a rugged ridge sye kit off ebay and went with an adams drive shaft ( if was part of my lift package on ebay)

Alright, now how do I know what T_Case I have? I think its a NP242. Anyhow I have the one with 5 settings (2wd 4part, 4full, N, 4low)

There will be a round tag on the side your rear drive shaft that will tell you. You can kind of see on the top of mine it says 231.

Its a 242. SYE’s for 231’s will not work. Tom Wood’s does make an SYE for the 242 but its just a glorified hack-n-tap.

You should ditch the 242 and swap in a 231. No only does the 231 have a considerably higher torque capacity it gains about 2" of precious ground clearance.

P.S. Crown sells the Rugged Ridge SYE’s. According to Jeff, the kit is actually manufactured by Advance Adapters and then rebranded as Rugged Ridge. I think Jeff charged me $190 for the Rugged Ridge kit two years ago. Nobody else could touch that price.

i would search for a 231 with a SYE already attached. they are out there

Ok ill look around, now any NP231 will fit in mine? And the stock front shaft would be fine too?

You want one from a 96+ with automatic and 6 cylinder. They are easy to find. You should grab the shifter bezel for the 231 at the same time.

I just bought a spare from North Smithfield Auto for $150. I’d recommend inspecting the synchronizer and replacing the chain, seals, and shift fork pads as a matter of best practice. The bearings in these things will last forever.

Ok ill lookinto it that way … 8c&vxp=mtr

would this work???

Yes. But its sold.

Don’t screw around on e-bay looking for a used t-case. Go to a local junkyard: