sye driveshaft question

I am purchasing a transfercase(231) from a guy with the sye installed into it. My question is i think i need to change the rear drive shaft. What drive shaft do i get? Do i get a driveshaft from the same year and make of the vehicle it is going into(front)?

99 jeep xj 4dr sport

Yeah, I picked up a front XJ shaft and used it for the rear

same year?

This will only work if you have an automatic transmission. Also it does not matter the year of the Jeep the front driveshaft comes out of, but it must come out of a XJ with and automatic transmission as well.

I do have an automatic… So what year should i get? should i get the same year as the jeeP?

It doesn’t matter I would say anything 1996 and up.

k thanks