Superwinch's LP8500 8500 lb

The Superwinch’s LP8500 8500 lb, any good? Its the only one i can afford with the discount they got going on now.

:laughing: I just ordered the Talon 9.5i. With the shipping it was even cheaper than ordering it from Amazon.

Did you add the winch to the cart and they type in the promo code to get the discount? The ones they have just posted on the web site is not the actual discount. I saved about $600 on mine.

Yeah the LP8500 comes up to about 300 bucks with discount. If i spent the money on the one you got before xmas my wife would kill me, you got the perks of being single lol

the lp is meant to compete with winches like Smittybuilt, so thats about the quality of it. if you only have $300, its fine.

If you can hold out till the next swap meet they sell them in person for around 200. I could of got you one last week.


Wow. Maybe I need a Talon. What was the final spend if you don’t mind me asking?

Did it come with synthetic line?

My final cost with shipping and a synthetic line came to $1073.10. The winch without shipping was only $961.01.

You should check if it’s shipping from their place in CT. It’s only 40 min or so from Providence. I’m sure they’d let you go pick it up so you could save that shipping cost.

That’s brilliant!

I gave them a call and they credited me the shipping and once my order gets processed they will call me to schedule a time of when I can go and pick it up.

Let me know what they tell you about when it can be picked up, I go by there often.

I have and love it. Its kinda slow, but your never in a rush when winching