Suggestions on replacing XJ upper control arm bushing

One of my front upper control arm bushings is wasted. I pulled it apart today but could not budge getting the old bushing out. Any suggestions?


Rent a press from auto zone

Oh those are a ball. Had to replace the old one on my HP30 when I build it.
Mine would not press out or beat out, believe me I tried. I thought it would be in there for eternity!
I finally ended up pressing out the crush sleeve first, (I used my ball joint press) then cut out all the rubber.
Then I took my sawzall and carefully sliced the outer metal sleeve almost all the way thru, then peeled it back with a chisel and took it out.
Pressing the new one in took some doing as well. Again, used the ball joint press a large socket, and one of the adapters from the kit I believe. My axle was out of the vehicle when I did it thankfully!

Take a chisel and bend the collar in, then press the bushing out, I have a press you can use it you need it. Its a tapered hole or tapered bushing, I can remember. But you have to relieve the pressure before pressing it out. When you press the new one in, just make sure it goes in straight. I have done a number of these but all had been done with the axle out and on the ground.

Thanks for the replies. I’m going to have to give this some thought.

While you are thinking about it go here and order this: … px?id=2889

Damn! Wish I knew about this when I built the front axle. And it’s easily rebuilt!