steering gear box leaking

anybody know what i should be looking for to fix.never fixed one before…thx

Replace it. I’m partial to the remanufactured OEM box from PSC.

i put an auto zone re manufactured in mine

Clean the box good then identify where it’s leaking and take a course of action. Don’t spend big money for a new box when it could simply be a $4 seal.

thanks for the info going to get new seals

Heres my take. The time spent screwing around replacing a seal on a box that is 10 years old is worth more than the cost of a reman’d box.

What I see as a waste of time and money would be to throw a new box at it just because it’s leaking or that it’s 10 or 20 years old. It could be as simple as restaking the ball plug which can be done without removing the box. It would sure beat screwing around removing the box, running to the parts store, and handing over your hard earned money, then reinstall it, when all it needed was 5 mins of your time with an awl and hammer.

There is times when purchasing a box is the best option one such case would be when the leak is found between the torsion bar and stub shaft.

Hope this helps