Steering Box swap

Hello all, I know I’m new here but figured I’d give asking a shot…
I know I’m more then capable of doing the steering box swap on my ZJ but I have a lack of tools since most of mine are tucked away in storage at the moment from my recent move. I also lack a flat driveway, drive way at all to be honest lol, and/or a garage. Is there anyone willing to give me an assist or some room to actually do this swap? I’ll bring the beer :smiley:
I also, due to veterans day, have off Thursday-Sunday from classes at RIC so if your free I’m free!

Thanks in advance!

i have the tools but unfortunately no place to work

I’m going to be working on my junk the next few days in prep for a trail ride this weekend. My place to work is a mostly flat driveway and you are welcome to stop by. Friday would probably be best because I need to dial in to a few teleconferencs tomorrow (hell of a way to spend vacation day ain’t it).