Started my Claytons kit

Got the cross member welded on yesterday. :smiley: Truck already feels stiffer. Should get the rest of the brackets on today. I’ll keep you guys posted, hope you had a good time camping sorry I missed it. :sunglasses:

We will forgive you for missing the camping if you make it out to the August event.

I’m trying my hardest :smiley: How is your rig comming?

You will be done before I am. Most likely.

And oh yea, that was a nice mess you started on JF!!!

Lol, but this is only my first one.

Finally got all the brackets welded on, the muffler had to go, ordered a replacement but it won’t be here for a few days.I’m shooting to install and adjust the arms and rear 4 link this coming Saturday if anyone is interested. Eric I would love to use that muffler you have for a week or so if it’s still on the table,I tacked mine back on all catiwumpas and its leading and vibrating like crazy :smiley:

Yes, I still have the muffler.

I actually made decent progress on my rig today. Rear axle should be going in tomorrow then I switch over to the front on Saturday.

Got the front arms done today, this truck rides a billion times better than it did already.
Need to measure and adjust pinion angle (don’t know how) but the axle looks to be centered front to back.
Tomorrow is slated for the rear portion.

It won’t let me post pics from my phone :frowning:

Lift is in! :smiley: only a few finishing touches to go :laughing: I seem to have a vibration now though front drive shaft maybe, what do you think?

Drive it.

Longer front brake lines
Front coil spring retainers
Rear limit straps
Belly skid

you think it will work itself out?

No. Most likely its the rear pinion angle.

Wanna show me how to set it up sometime this week ?

Possibly. The key point is that you want the t-case output shaft and the pinion shaft at the same angle.

Thaught that was only for the front?

No. The back.

In the front with a double cardan you want the pinion pointing directly at the t-case output shaft. Unfortunately, when you do that you destroy the caster angle so you need to compromise a bit.

If and when you get an SYE in the rear then you will need to adjust the pinion again so that it also points directly at the t-case output yoke. For now you need to have both t-case output shaft and pinion at the same angle,