Stabilize XJ suspension

I am looking for some ideas or suggestions on how to better stabilize my XJ on off camber situations. I am unsure if switching to coil over shocks or just running a specific shock combo my help. Can I keep my flex with less roll? My Frankenstein was built piece by piece so I never matched any components.

With all the resurch iv done the anitrock sway bar is the way to go but I’m not readdy to spend 500 on that just yet

You can also look into improving your roll center. In an off camber (or cornering) scenario there is a “rolling force” which passes through the center of mass of the sprung weight which is opposed by a force transmitted from the ground through the track bars. The closer the lines of action of these two opposing forces the less roll. Very roughly speaking, the force through the track bar passes through the middle of the track bar. Raising the axle side of the track bar can significantly decrease your roll center.

Claytons new steering conversion kit does exactly this. . . at least for the front. You also raise the rear track bar bracket. Of course the down side to raising these brackets is that it creates more leverage so they need to be beefy.

I was planning a new front track bar bracket when I flip my steering so I will start there. But I have no rear bar so that’s out of the question. So basicly I need my bar as straight as possible

i have an anti rock bar for sale, just need tabs and arms…

coil overs dont fix problems, most suspension issues are due to geometry

How much ricky and a part # plz