SSW Earth Day Clean-Up 4-14-2012 Taunton, MA

The South Shore Wheelers will be having an Earth Day Cleanup in Taunton, MA on Saturday April 14, 2012. We will be picking up large piles of debris that we didn’t get to 2 years ago as well as a few small piles that have acumulated over the past 2 years. Any help with manpower will be graciously accepted.

I would like to again thank everyone that came out to help us with this in 2010. We had a huge task and we acomplished more than I had hoped for in a short amount of time. We picked up over 16,000lbs of garbage and about 1000 tires. The remaining task is not as big, but will still require some heavy trucks to get rid of the piles of debris and most of the piles are not as easy to get to as they were the one’s we got to last time.

Meeting at 8am Behind the McDonalds on Rt 44 in Taunton, MA: click here for MAP

Trail Rating: 1-2. Full Size trucks and or trailers can easily make it through most of one trail without issue. The other trail is slightly tighter, but has less debris on it.

Bump for this Saturday! We could really use some man power and pick-ups and/or trailers. A 1 ton dump or rack body would be awsome!

We had a good day. All of the big piles of trash from both main roads are clean! Only had 20 or so people show up. They all worked very hard for a few hours untill the dump closed. USAJO came with some man power, NEXTERA, and a group from one of the Toyota Clubs showed up and really loaded up thier brand newish Taco’s with garbage from the roughest sections of the trail.

We did find another dump site off of the main roads. So, our work is not done.

Damn. The best way to clean that is with a loader and a ten-wheeler.

sorry i couldnt make it out Tex. I’ll be there for the clean up of that other section.