spartan locker

does anyone know if there is a way to identfiy which spartan locker is for what diff. i bought one back in feb and waited till now to put it in. only to find out it does not fit. the damn thing is like an half of inch to small.

What is to small? On some of the carrier’s you have to be good at puzzle to get it in and sometimes you have to grind the carrier to make room for the locker to slip in.

There should be a part number stamped on it.

What are you trying to do? Spartan in rear D44a?

P.S. Did you get a Fall Crawl confirmation from Tammy yet? She was a little behind due to a death in the family.

there are no marking on any of the peices. and yes d44a
at first i thought i was doing something wrong but i double and triple checked everything it is just to small of a locker it wants to fall apart inside the carrier

no i did not but i sent her an email after i found out i was not going to have a locker to see if she could put me on one of the class VI trails and asking her if it is the same rate to camp and spectate the event i have a few friends that want to go up now after i sent in the reg.

If you have thrust washers don’t reinstall them with a spartan.

Still two weeks away. Plenty of time to get locked. Call spartan and see if they can help. Erick Miller (zjpunk98) has a Spartan in his D44a.

take a picture, so we can see what you mean.

Have fun contacting sparton they suck i had one in my 8.8 3 months later it never wanted to unlock. I will never buy one again. Sell it get an aussie.

I’ve had no trouble with mine. where r u? Maybe I could stop by.