Soon to be a RI resident

Hi all name Is Mike My brother Jamie is fourwheelerjamie on here.

I plan to move to RI in about 2 months Looking forward to meeting up with you guys/gals. My brother said you all are pretty good people.

Nice forum layout you have. Looks like a well organized group.

Anyways on to the Jeep Porn

Its a 98 zj with a few mods :wink:

Welcome! I think I recognize a few Grand Cherokee parts in there . . .

NICE! that thing looks like a beast. welcome to the forum

welcome to the forum


Welcome bro

Thanks for the welcome guys. I cant wait to get out of florida and head north.


yellowJk lived down in FL. glad to see you like some rock

Part of the reason for moving is more rock crawling. We have a few spots close by but for a good park we are at least seven hour ride one way. :frowning:

What part was yellowtj from?

As for the rig only part of the drivetrain that is stock is the engine block head and valve cover. lol

Welcome to the forum

Welcome to our forum. Nice rig!

Happy Birthday

Thanks Man