SOA conversion

i’m thinking that when i finally get around to swapping the d35 for my f8.8, now would be a good time to maybe do a spring over conversion. i’ve done little research and found no answers…my questions are, i assume i would need to change the rear leafs to do this, but can i do this on the rear only for now while maintaining the same ride height. i’d rather not do both front and rear at this time as the 8.8 swap is already costly and am not finished buying all the parts needed. i am currently running 2.5" rough country spring lift with 1-1/4" lift shackles, would i need to get a stock rear leaf maybe to keep a similar ride height. any info you could pass along would be helpfull. i do have all winter to do this project and since i’m investing the time and money in the swap, i want all the upgrades to make sense


I think it will be tough. Spring over will probably net 4"-5" with the stock springs. Spring over on the front requires major surgery on the steering. Gene’s done it and should be able to provide more info.

Personally, I would stick to spring under. Get some 4" springs, tube fenders, and extended bump stops. Should be good for 35’s.

FWIW, I run with a guy who has 2.5" pro comp springs set up SOA w/ 35" rubber on his YJ. I like the way it looks and it is in the future plans for my CJ. He used the Rocky Road kit to set up his high steer and has had no issues.

Tires aren’t an option at this point. I’ll talk to gene and see what he thinks. Thanks for the input

I wouldn’t do it. you would need some sort of traction bar to help with axle wrap, you would want new stock, or spring over springs, steering, perches, welding, etc

there are so many inexpensive 4" sua springs available that would work great with no other mods

i have to weld on new perches and spring plates anyway to do the axle swap. def sounds like its gonna be cutting into my beer budget

You mean spring pads and shock mounts? Those aren’t too bad. Maybe $50. Be thankful you are not dealing with a 5-link suspension. The complete bracket kit for those run $300+.

You definitely want to settle on the lift before burning on the pads because you need to get the pinion angle dialed in.

I would do a full soa… Rough country sells the perchs cheap $75 for all four. As for steering I have a jb4x4 bracket it works great. Stock springs will give you about 5.5inchs. Axle wrap is a big thing witn stock springs I have no issues with it because I have 8leaves in the rear. Drives shafts have the made get a front shaft from a exploder. It was about $450 for my two to be made. If you have any more questions you have my number. If never looked back at sua lol.