slip yoke elimonator

Last weekend I put my sye in and now I’m stuck in 4 wheel sor some thing so I have to pull it agin. I live in coventry. Call me or text 3473957. Its my dd so I need it lol. The only tool I don’t have the would make pullng the t/c would be ratchting swivel ended wrenches. I would like to start firday at like 330 pm if not early Saturday. Well let me know.

have you done any other work to it? did you check to see if the linkage was working right?

Yea, linkage would be my first guess.

I suppose you could have re-installed the shift fork incorrectly but I doubt the case would even go back together and even if it did it would probably explode once you tried to drive it.

Yes I checked the linkage but I don’t realy do much work on jeeps only do what I have to do to my jeep. If you have don’t it before you can come by later if you think you know how to fix it call or text me. 3477956

Did you have a transfer case drop in the Jeep before you installed the SYE? when you adjusted the linkage did you put the transfer case in 4lo at the transfer case and then adjust your shift lever to 4 lo and tighten the nut?

unfortunately it’s tough for me to get out of the house now a days because of a new born. there should be a couple of screws at the linkage that allow you to freely move the linkage. try to manually shift it in and out of 4wd. you might have to roll the jeep a little bit for everything to fall into place. if you can move it the next step would be to pull the case. If i remember correctly your suppose to put the Jeep into 4L when doing the SYE

Yes I put a drop in befor the sye I dident realy mess with the linkage. But I can’t even move the shifter . I will check when I get home agin and let you guys know.

ok now i need new linkage lol

:neutral_face: doh. was that the problem? … ata_player

At the 710 mark it may help u i have never done this before but if u need a extra set hands sat i will be doing my sye i can bring mine to compare

i lossend the bolt on the linkage and when inside shifted it to 4 low and then looked at the linkage and it looked like a candy cane lol.

my transfer case is out and we r opening it if anyone that knows anything about sye. you can stop by just call me 3473957. im in coventry

ok t/c is put back to gether but when i turn the yoke it makes some grinding nosie like the teeth arent right. gerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

You are supposed to test it before you re-install it. Once you have the case together on the bench spin the input in all ranges.

Big thanks to gene for all his help today got the lift and sye in rear drive shaf in drove it around to day felt good still have a. Few bugs to work out like rear track bar rubin the stock gas tank skid and a broken shock bolt