shimming axle question??

with the help of brian and his garage last weekend we installed new, rear 5" bds leaf springs. along with new ubolts and lower plates.

a little history: prior I was running rustys 4" springs with the 2" add-a-leaf, and a 2deg shim to attain proper pinion angle. now, a 5" spring, and 4deg shim doesn’t even get me in the ball park. looking online and the bds 5" lift KIT, the kit includes 4 and 6deg shim…to attain 10 if needed. I called and spoke with tech support for what they may think I need for proper shimming, and they are suggesting welding 4/6 shims together.

just wanted some opinion on welding shims together as well as having to shim as much as 10deg. I feel bringing the spring perch that far away from the spring of which it should be fastened to is not ideal. my other thought is to cut of old spring perches, weld on new ones at proper angle, and no shimming

I would be on the side of moving the perches.

Move the perches

Thanks, my thoughts as well. Never heard of seen anything shimmed to that extreme

Ya even a small amount shim will throw off how forces are transfered through the suspension. You’ll be happier in the end by doing it right

As someone who used shims in the past, I say DONT DO IT!

All my problems are solved once I cut the perches off and did it right.

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I agree with them. Do it right:

In time my friend