Semi-futuristic tire Idea

Has anyone heard about airless tires? I have been watching the tire industry a lot in the last three years and been seeing this new tech coming in the military and industrial platforms. Now there is scuttle that they are looking at limited civilian release of the tires. Polaris jumped on the market and released a Quad with some installed and it works clean.

I was thinking about an idea of when they are more available installing them on a rig. Michelin has announced a Tweel.

Any thoughts on this idea?

One problem I see about using this wheel on the trail is the supports that replace that would normally be a solid piece of rubber and air, filling up with mud or snow. Then imagine its time to leave and all that crap stuck in the wheel, throwing off the balance of the wheel while you’re on the main road.

The other problem is that you would have no way of airing down. So you wouldn’t have the added benefit of the tires forming to the rocks providing more grip.

I believe the military is already using these. I have seen videos of the tires in action they fold around rocks and logs. If you can get them I would. The only thing I would worry about is the amount of tread

These tires are actually quite pliable under the weight of the vehicles I have seen them on. They were developed to avoid the airing down option. The mud I can understand the issue there. I was think more of a trail able rig

In open form like that they are useless. Rocks will get in the voids and destroy them.

I see your concern there and the military is using a different design with honeycombs in the void space to increase weight distribution and decress rock damage. It has been DARPA tested and released for active duty already.


Theyre expensive but not uncommon in commercial heavy equipment
Bobcats/skidsteers have them sometimes, theyre called Semi-pneumatic.
In construction though they are way more ridged for low speeds … teer+Tires