Selling my jeep

Have to sell my jeep due to bad accident in my Corolla.
10500 or best offer

Ready to wheel, frame is clean and fluid filmed every year. Has Metalcloak upper and lower control arms with front skids. Rough trail ZJ steering upgrade and tie rod flipped over drivers side knuckle. Barricade full corner armor with led mounted taillights. Body Armor rock sliders, Teraflex steering stabalizer, oil pan and tranny skid. Heavy duty main skid tummy tucked with UCF lo pro tranny mount. JB conversions short slip yoke eliminator with Tatton driveshaft. New Zone 150 psi nitrogen charged shocks 4 inch with front lower and rear upper bar pin eliminators. Smittybilt tire carrier with swing out gate, and new limb risers. Five Cooper Stt pros 33 x12.50 15 lots of tread left barely 2 years old. New GenRight windshield armor never installed. Hartop, soft top, full steel doors and half doors. Half doors have brand new extra set of soft uppers. New thrush muffler installed and tailpipe I have extra dynomax muffler. New Jeep cover, clover patch window carrier and soft top connversion. Badlands 12 k lb winch with new synthetic winch rope and wireless remote. I have Posion Spyder gas tank skid not installed. New 5.25 Kicker roll bar speakers. Recently re aligned and put on boomerang arm rest pad. Hurricane fender flares with minor trail damage. Code alarm with invisa beam. Extra Spicer wheel u joint, upgraded waggy yokes and new extra Spicer u bolt kit for yokes. Front diff guard and Solid axle cover for Dana 44. Both axles are Spartan locked. Clutch and flywheel a little over 2 years. Also have Spider Web shade cage and new Teraflex rear coils installed. It has some minor rattles from wheeling. Please send PM or text me at 4012656198 if interested

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Sorry to hear about accident. Hope you are ok. However,
[size=200]DO NOT SELL YOUR JEEP. [/size]

Unfortunately I am still hurting!

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You will get better. Your Jeep can never be recovered.

Don’t sell it you can still drive it around and enjoy it. And still be with the club. You can be our wheeling 101 instructor

Anthony, speaking from experience… Don’t sell it because you think you’re hurt and may not like the idea of bouncing around on a trail at this moment. I had an accident that docs said I wouldn’t walk much less drive (esp. a standard) or ride a motorcycle. 3 months later, I got back in the mix and all I drive now are 6-speeds and I can walk and camp.

At the time, it seemed like I should sell everything because I did need a temporary break from those things, but if I had a Jeep like yours and sold it and then months later felt like I wanted to Jeep again it would be a huge seller remorse moment.

Only you know what is best for you, but consider this story especially if you are motivated because physically you are not up for wheeling right now.

Good luck recovering from your accident, I hope you can get better and return to full wheeling shape!

Like everyone else, I say don’t sell the Jeep. Try using it as your daily driver for a bit, see how it feels. It’s not for everyone, but I love driving mine and wouldn’t trade it for anything (except maybe a Rubicon with all the same modifications).

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone! It has been bitter sweet with just driving my Jeep on occasion. The last thing I ever thought I would do was to sell it. It kills me not to take it wheeling but I have to rehab my back first. I am very hopeful to wheel it at The Toy run!

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That’s awesome. Take care of yourself the jeepsters will always be around

I know it kills you to have it on pavement, but compared to the sellers remorse you’d feel if this time next year (or later this season) when you are ready to get back on the trail. Imagine adding up all the cost to get back to where your jeep is now… That would kill you! Its temporary my friend!

You know what is best for you, but I know how much you have put into that rig and we all know you don’t get but a fraction of the value back because no buyer will really appreciate all the time and effort you have into the Jeep to make it the way you want. If you can afford to weather the injury, you will be doing your future self a big favor.

Like Mark says, the club will be here when you’re ready and you don’t have to be on the trail to have fun with the club.

See you out there sometime soon!