selling my Interco Trxus 33x12.5x16

Here you go Eric :wink:

No kidding. And for about the price I paid for a single tire. I’m toying with the idea of buying these just to have some back-ups.

Bill, do you know how old these are in years?

no i got them used about 1.5yrs ago.

wow, i guess the price is low i got like 14 emails already. someone said he can pick them up monday, but if anyone here is interested they got priority

Go ahead and sell them. I thought $250 was kind of low, especially with the wheels. Maybe you can open up a bidding war . . .


yeah, well unfortunately those rims left the better part of the right side bead lips at the gutter. :confused:

yeah they did, took a beating though. you still got those 8.8 shafts?

I was thinking of getting them but also thought that be a lil too big for the Chief but if anyone has any 31’s AT’s or MT’s kicking around, i would be interested in some of those

Yup… sitting in my garage.