Scrap Drive for Land Acquisition Fund: Sat. June 1st

As many of you know we have been slowly accumulating scrap metal which we will cash in to benefit our land acquisition fund. The time has now come to clear that pile of scrap out of my yard. I’d like this to happen Saturday morning June 1st. If anybody has scrap metal to donate then now is the time. Chris K said he has a couple axle housings and Steve R also had a bunch. Anybody else? The pile is pretty big and may not all fit in my truck so if anybody else can bring a truck that would help.

I’m hoping this will only take an hour or two and I believe Exeter Scrap Metal opens at 8:00 am on Saturday.

We have an old riding lawn mower… and some other misc. metal items that we would like to donate…

Only thing is we don’t have a truck to get it there… Anyone available to come to North Attleboro and pick up the stuff?

I can stop by tonight. Does 5:30 ish work for you? I can grab banner at the same time.

Sure. Call Mike 774.219.2529
I won’t be home until 6:45ish

i have some stuff to donate. i’ll drop it off tomorrow after work

I have a couple hundred LBS of stuff. Not around on Saturday, but can leave it at an accessible spot if someone can pick it up

I should be able to pick up Friday (day or evening).

I stopped by Stacey & Mikes last night:

And this does not include the broken down riding lawnmower (no room left in the truck)

Still looking for some extra trucks/trailers . . . .

I will try to make this and help load/unload but I won’t know for sure
until late fri if I have to work sat morning…

Exeter scrap also pays for batteries, catalytic converters, and aluminum cans…

I have a lot of aluminum cans…

:laughing: :laughing:

When can I pick up the axle housings you mentioned?

I 'll be home the whole weekend and tomorrow night. So what ever date works best for you.

i should have been driving around today with my basket on the back of the Jeep. i drove by 3 big grills on the side of the road today. sorry forgot to get over to drop off my bin of metal. i’ll get there tomorrow

I have some steel as well, I may be able to meet you early sat morming…what time you thinking?

They open at 8:00 but anytime before noon-ish works.

I will move my scrap outside the gate tomorrow after work. Let me know what time you can come by and I will do my best to be here

SUCCESS! Thanks to all the members who contributed to the scrap drive our land acquisition fund just grew by $380!!!

Most of what we had was cashed in as “light iron” at a rate of $190 per GT. A set of aluminum wheels and a catalytic converter were separated out and fetched $70 and $55 respectively. We could have squeezed out a few more dollars by separating the cast iron and spending some time cutting down the heavy steel so that it was 4’ x 18" maximum. We should keep that in mind the next time and separate/cut as we collect it.

And thanks to Kurt for stopping by to help load up the scrap!!

Thanks for the kudos!

As you said aluminum is the key!

We should keep scrapping…

nice work guys. sorry i flaked, it was a busy day/ week.