Scouting Big River on Saturday March 9th 2013

I’m planning to scout Big River Saturday afternoon. There are 2 goals:

1.) Visit the dump sites we will be working on during this years clean-up to assess what equipment will be needed. The dump sites are off Hopkins Hill Rd near the intersection with Division St

2.) Scout some trails for a potential trail ride later this summer. DEM strongly hinted that the area adjacent to RT 3 is preferred.

I’m going to the fishing show at the convention center in the morning so after noon (say 1:00 ish) will be the time. I’d recommend bringing a mountain bike.

Who is in?

are you looking at the area across the street from the dessert in the area between Hopkins Hill and New London Tnpk?

not sure if i can make it. i have to check if Krissie is working. if she is i might be able to hike with Mila on my back

Yes, for the clean-up. And across Hopkins Hill where (I think) you said there was a pile of shingles.

ya, i’ll have the little one all day so i’m up for a hike if you want to do that

Cool. I used to have a back-pack kid carrier from when Rowan was a baby. Probably never be able to find it though.

If the weather isn’t that great i can asking Aimee to watch her, you guys will be like 2 mins from my house

ya i have one of those basic carriers. we’ve hiked around Big River with her last year. she loved it.

I have a bike and I can be their at 1 I have to go buy 4.

OK. I’ll text you tomorrow.

ya, just let me know when you want to meet up.