So… I have been in debate with myself over the past week whether or not I should just go quietly or say goodbye as my time with OSJ was extremely short-lived yet very memorable which makes it difficult to do this.

With that being said, I felt it was unjust to go without saying THANK YOU for the wonderful opportunity to experience a whole new world of being a jeep owner in such a great club consisting of great people! It was a privilege to know you, to learn from you and wheel passenger with you :wink:

I still have full intent on building my jeep and just received my first skid yesterday which I will be installing this weekend. It was extremely liberating to finally get something to start my build! Also a little disappointing because I have come to the realization on how much my jeep will weigh once complete! :unamused: :laughing:

The next year is going to bring many challenges for me, but when it is all said and done I can look back and say “I DID IT!” and will remember all of you who have opened my eyes to the endless possibilities and joys of being a jeep owner and maybe/hopefully be welcomed back. :wink:

U will be welcomed back sorry to hear that you have to go thank you for the kind words about our club

Thanks Mayor :wink:

sorry to see you go :frowning: but you’re always welcome back

get what you need to get done. we’ll be here if you want to come hangout with the crew.

Thank you, that means more than you know

I will try not to turn this into a 20 pg. thread as I had my introduction :laughing:

I can always be found on good ole’ fb :wink:

it was nice meeting you, sorry to see you go