Save the Date! P-Bruins "Pink in the Rink" night! Oct 25

[size=150]Friday, October 25th. 7:00 game

Tix will be $17 each (half the box office price) with $5 of each ticket sale going to the Gloria Gemma Breast Cancer Research foundation

More info to come soon![/size]

Time to break out the tutu!!!

ALSO, note that this is the night before Crawling for a Cure.

this is normally an awesome game although I will not need tickets me and Lindsay will be there because we will have are season tickets again this year

Oh i will most definitely will going to this. Any excuse to watch some hockey!!

Woop Woop!! I wanna sit with the jeep peeps this year- we can get peeps for our seats, I wanna sit with the cool kids!! :sunglasses:


Derick, is that your “come to the dark side, we have Jell-O shots” grin? :wink:

if i can go i’ll have to be good with the little one in tow

Jell-O shots??? Who has Jell-O shots??

I think mike and I are in this year. Let me know when money is due.

The REAL excitement begins after the game. Anybody remember last year???

I may be in for this, lemme check with the wife

I dooo. I will see about this time so im a maybe

I’m in for two tickets :smiley: Pay who by when?

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