Does anyone have access to a sandblaster? Or, does anyone have bumperettes in black that they want to get rid of?

Paul, how big is the stuff that you need blasted?? I might be able to do it at work? If not, I know someone that can do it also. Give me a call.

if i have a job… ill be looking to get my entire jeep media blasted… does anyone know where i would be able to find a place that can handle that job?


i need to get 4 rims sandblasted anybody have any ideas for places to go. i called one up in MA near my work and the go for $85 and hour.

There is a place in Coventry across from the high school where I had my axles sandblasted. I think they charged me like $75 for both of them.

The place Eric said is what I was going to mention. Fair prices and I am pretty sure they can handle whole vehicles. For smaller stuff, if you have an air compressor home depot has a little sandblaster for like $12 and you just use that sandbox sand which is like $3 a bag and goes a long way. That would be perfect for wheels and stuff.

i have a compressor here at work i might be able to use for a little bit. i just don’t know if i want to deal with getting pelted by sand but for 20 bucks… i might give it a shot.

If the sand bothers you just put up a piece of clear plastic and cut 2 holes for your arms.

When I was in high school, one of my summer jobs was sandblasting & grinding. Trust me, you DON’T want to try this yourself.

i have sandblasted a few cars, its not that bad. its not that fun either but as long as iuts not too hot and u cover urself up real well u will be fine

i have a big piece of plexiglass i can set up as a shield. i just dont want to spend anymore money than i have to on these things.

use that and some garbage bage, and gloves, and duct tape

I assume this was using a pressure blaster and not one of those POS suction blasters?