rusted axle tubes

so what do you guys think? worth trying to clean out and run?

this is the 8.8 i have with with 4.11’s. i took the axle shaft out so i could work on the emergency brake when i got it all the way out the bearing fell apart and i saw the rust. not sure if i can just clean it out and use it or if its junk.

i’d say clean it out, put new axle tube seals and bearings in, and run it. prob just a little surface rust. were the shafts full of rust?

Can’t the race for those outer bearings be replaced?

Might be worth pulling the carrier and inspecting the side bearings as well.

the shaft i pulled look good. i bought new outer bearings 10 bucks a piece i’ll have to go back and get inner seals. if i pull the carrier out and do the inner seals i wont mess anything else up right?

Just make sure any shims go back in exactly the same way.

the tube seals are on outside of axle tube, near wheel

X 2

did you pull this out of the bay? jk clean, new seals and wheel it

BTW, I’m not sure how 8.8’s work but there might not be inner seals. My guess is that the outer bearings are lubricated by gear oil from the center section and there is only an outer seal.


junkyard. sucks because the other one i have that has 3.73’s is beautiful and clean… go figure, it can never be easy :imp:

well i found this site, GREAT resource. i’ll be pulling the rest apart and cleaning the tubes tonight. … ech001.htm