Run For you Life 5k

Would like to get a team together for this. Looks wicked fun. Be cool to have an OSJ Team, get some shirts made up of a Jeep running over a Zombie … view-2013/

  1. RIArmySGT
  2. BigRed86
  3. Ironlung80
  4. Pete
  5. cms14

I would have to get my fat ass in shape

3.2 miles, no sweat. lol. Its like flag football from what i see, and the zombies try to grab your flags. NO HITTING BACK Pete lol


:laughing: so a bat is outta the question huh? I thought it was a real life scenario!!! lol. Shit I’m down, but i will need to get my fat ass in shape.

I’m in.

You mean like real running? With your feet??


I’m in if Paul is in!!!

A bunch of guys from work and i are doin it. Hope to see you all there

I would be up for a 5K or mudder. But not that crap.

I dont think its gluten free anyways. Maybe we can do a nice “girly” one for you. Something you can wear a dress at

Perfect. I don’t like scary stuff anyway. :wink:


Wasn’t sure if there were any runners in this group.
I’m game. Missed the event last year due to a wedding, so i’ve been waiting all year for this one.

Has anyone here done the RAGNAR race?

The Ragnar one looks cool. I’d be up for the short leg. I used to run, but have had recent knee surgeries and injuries. Physical Therapist is currently kicking my butt back into gear.

Slow down. I only run cause the army says I have too. Not because I like it

Run RAGNAR once and you’ll either be hooked or swear off running all together.
Run. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.
Somehow I always miss the sleep part.

I just yawned thinking about the “sleep” part :wink:

So i am thinking we should do the a wave around 11-1ish. Also I can not bring my camper, tents only and its 20 bucks per person to camp out. I am def camping out, the after party will prob be insane. Derrick is working on a logo for us, with a Wrangler and XJ running over some zombies. Like i said in the PM i will be signing up prob next tues, I will let you guys know. Can’t wait. Pete you better be training!!! Or you might become the sacrificial lamb.

sacrafical lamb my ass… not training like i should

Signed up for the 1130 am wave with camping. I would sign up this week to make sure we all get in the same wave. PM as been sent to the ones already said they are going