Rugged Ridge HD Steering

here is the stock tierod setup that i installed on the trail sat night

this is what i removed lol

gotta love the nail used as a coter pin lol

now heres the rugged ridge setup

rod ends


new verses old

install is really easy…
remove all cotter pins and nuts (19mm) on all old rod ends

install the rugged ridge setup

had to replace the drop pitman with the stock one

and with wheels aligned and steering wheel centered install steering stabilizer with the shock at the half way mark

dont forget to install all zerk fittings too

i forgot to mention that the link going from the drop pitman arm to the pas. steering knucke is used to center the steering wheel.

and the link going from steering knuckle to steering knuckle is used for your alignment.

when i did mine i made sure the steering wheel and tires were all as centered as best i could and didn’t touch any of it till everything was bolted back together. the steering wheel is a tiny bit off but i don’t think i need an alignment, been driving fine the last couple days. just take the old one off and match up the lengths the best you can on the ground then transfer the new parts on and make any final fitting adjustments before you bolt on the last side. took me and my buddy about two hours because one of the zerk fitting threads was wacky.

all in all easy and well worth it.

how does it drive now Ricky?

i installed the links with the rod ends threaded all the way in. then i adjusted untill i had the front toed in 1/16"-1/8" from the rear (front measurement shorter than rear measurement). and i set the wheel where they looked centered and centered the steering wheel acordingly. after driving around, i found i was close to center on my steering wheel, but not quiet. so i drove strait and parked it and adjusted the steering wheel till it was straite. not its as close to center as i can get it. :mrgreen: its weird to have a centered steering wheel again :laughing: it drives really good… it ever so slightly pulls to the right, but i think thats because of how the roads here are curved. i have to get used to it. i been driving on a bent tierod since last april when i bent it at river rock

i think cars are suppose to pull a little to the right just in case you fall asleep behind the wheel it carries you off the road rather than into on coming traffic. once i get everything installed i’m gonna go get an alignment and tire balance, till then i think i’m fine.

i have the same plan… well kinda… :laughing: im gonna get one when i get a JOB