Roll cage tech day(s)

I am going to start assembling my new cage this weekend. If any one is free and interested in watching/helping shoot me a pm for my address. :sunglasses:
I will try to take lots of pictures of the process.

i would love to help, however saturday is the osj clamboil. you should go there instead…bring ur tools

Yeah I know, how every I’m trying to get the cage in by the camp and wheel. :neutral_face:

screw the cage, wear a helmet

I’ll be at the clam boil Saturday then working on my rig Sunday. I’m getting really concerned that I will not have a rig ready to wheel in time for the camp-n-wheel. You can stop by Sunday if you want.

Got some pictures up

Looks great!

looks nice in person. should hold up well but hopefully you never have to find out.