Rocker Help

Hey… I know i’m a new guy, but i need some help! My YJ has been up at AutoRust for 3 weeks, and I finally got it back. Damage was much worse with the frame, steering mount and upper rear shock mounts needed more than expected repairs. It ended up taking over 12 hours to complete. Also while it was up there i had them weld in a floorpan i purchased. I thought we had agreed at a price for everything plus repair to a rocker panel as well, but when i picked it up, everything looked great, but the rocker was not done and actually looked worse since the tech broke some of the rot loose when doing the floorpan. The guy apologized but said the price wasn’t based on the rocker. So maybe its my mistake for not getting it in writing (i added it over the phone after he told me the increased price), so i was a little pissed, but they cut me a deal overall, and their work looks pretty good. So now, i still have a 4-6" hole in my drivers rocker right under the jeep logo, and totally blew my budget. At this point, my wife isn’t too pleased this “project” is costing as much as it is considering we have a baby due in a month:) Just trying to get this guy street legal before baby comes, because i know i wont have much time, or money for a few months…

So I need to find someone who will weld in some new sheet metal at a budget price. The rot isn’t that bad, but i can’t fix it personally… I did buy one of those replacement rocker panels from JCWhitney, but its way overkill for what i need. Anyone have a good cheap reference, or can lend me a hand? i have no experience welding, so i am not sure how long or hard it is to repair this. Any ideas?

(i’ll post pictures later, i’m at work now)

i’m sure we can get some of the guys to help out. post up some pics and we’ll see what we can do.

boatsides would fix that hole, it fixed mine :laughing:

I have alot of 1/8th inch sheet metal scrap good bondo and a welder pm me your number .

Here are some pics. The bulk of the rot is behind the stock side step, but it looks like it stops pretty much at the first bolt, and doesn’t go forward much past the support bracket.

Looks like a relatively easy fix. You need to get rid of those steps and install rocker armor anyway.