Right Angle Drill

Ok so the last of the bolts on the motor mount to the block on the drivers side sheared last night. So in order for me to extract the remaing piece in the block i either a: need to pull the whole engine or b: get in there with a right angle drill to start the hole for the easy out & hope for the best, so my question is,
Does any one have a right angled drill i can borrow?

I don’t but I have rented one from Taylor rental before.

I have one Jeff. When do you need it, I could meet you after I get out of work tomorrow?

Thanks Chris, tomorrow after work will be great. I won’t be able to get back to it till Sunday anyway.

start soaking it down with rages soaked in penetrating oil. good luck

So where do you want to meet up? I work in Cranston on Cranston St. I think I will be getting out of work at 4PM but the last few days it has been 5PM.

I work in west kingston but I didn’t drive today. I should be back in Warwick around
5ish. Ill give you a call when I get back to the house and we can figure out from there.