Revolution Gear & Axle Chromoly Axles

As you know we carry the highest quality AMERICAN made Revolution 4340 Chrome-moly axles (All Jeep Front Axles for YJ, MJ, XJ, TJ, JK,& u-joint kits are $899)

Well everyone wants American made but not everyone can afford it.

That’s why we are proud to announce we have launched our Revolution DISCOVERY Series axles and axle kits.

These are still high quality 4340 axles brought in to compete with all of the other import axles on the market and backed by a 10 year warranty.

DC-D30-JK Discovery Series Axle Kit for Jeep JK Non-Rubicon Dana 30 Front W/5-7166X U/joints $587.99
DC-D44-JK Discovery Series Front Axle Kit for Jeep JK Rubicon D44 Front W/5-7166X U/joints $633.18
DC-D30-TJ Discovery Series Front Axle Kit for TJ, XJ, YJ, & WJ Dana 30 front W/5-760X U/joints $642.58

I am not in the market for new axles at the moment but I am curious to know what are the differences between the Revolution and Discovery axles and u joints?

The Revolution Axle are US Made 4340 Chrome-Moly inner & stub axles, include 2 Dana Spicer 5-7166X U-joints and 8 Full Circle Snap rings to hold it all together. Revolution uses the large “1350” style u-joint for all if our Jeep application. Using the substantially larger 1350 u-join provides a substantial strength increase over the smaller 5-760X joint and allows extra clearance for tighter turning. All Revolution Axles are backed by a fantastic lifetime warranty against failures, including but not limited to U-Joint failure.

The Discovery Axles are imported 4340 Chrome-Moly inner & stub axles, includes 2 Dana Spicer 5-7166X U-joints, and only have a 10 year warranty.

I have to call to double check on the full circle clips

TL;DR: The big difference is where they are made and the length of the warranty

Do they offer custom cut/length at all

I’ll call them and ask

Whenever I do get around to putting my 44 under the front my rig, I’ll need at least a set of chromos or rcv’s if the budget allows. I believe a stock shaft won’t work with what I had built. I’ll have to pull the shafts to take measurements at some point

Thanks Ricky

They do not do custom shafts.

A good note is that the Jeep shafts use the bigger Rubicon u-joint.

Also I have confirmed that broken shafts from u-joint failure is covered by the warranty on all Revolution Axles… Not many manufactures cover this

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