Repaired/ modded my rear lower control arm mounts +

We decided to repair my bent rear lower control arms mounts. We cut off the shock mounts from the axle. Then we shortened the control arm mounts about 2" and re-welded the shock mounts on. After that I aquired some 1/4" steel and made skid plates for all 4 of the lower control arm mounts. I will no longer worry about bending those any more. And I have 2" more ground clearance.

I thought I was going to have to shorten my uptravel by the same 2" that I raised the shock. But, I didn’t have to. I had plenty of up travel in the shock left. I considered raising the shock higher… but, that would have put the shock mount in the way of the rear sway bar mount. As it is I had to drill a new hole for the sway bar mount.

Here are my pictures of my mod.

I didn’t take any pics before … sorry.

front skid plates for the lower control arms.

My next trick is to relocate the stabilizer. It no longer looks anything like it does in this pic. I hate to move it… because it’s protecting the axle tube :astonished:

looks good! i’ll have to do the same, i bent most of my lowwer control arm mounts lol

yeah… I should have taken before shots… mine were spread wide open.