red fluid!?!?

i have an 89 yj sitting in my back yard and has been there for like 2 years, it belongs to mu uncle who gave up on it. He said if i could get in to run i could just have it. Understanding that it needs a lot of tlc i went out to go look under the hood for the first time. There was some rust and leaves and some croason around the battery witch is all stuff i suspected,but what i saw next threw me off guard and its something i never seen or herd off… I went to go look at the air filter and the housing unit for it and it was dirty…but the was like a slug build up at the bottom of the housing and a red fluid?!? i was thinking transmission fluid or brake fluid. but i dont understand how could it get in the air filter housing? and i am scarred that maybe some go into the engine, so what should i do?

definetly red? if it were just oil, it would sound like blow by. how many miles?

yea i went back on rly looked and smelled it its oil lol but it has 180xxx miles

more than likely blow-by, it could run for a while like that though. is it from RI or Georgia? if it is a new england jeep, it may have a rotted frame.

its from nh lol how can i tell if its has rotten frame?

Crawl under and inspect. Especially near the rear shackles and body mounts.

look at the frame where the leaf spring connects to the frame and the shock mounts and the drivers side floor.

my father just told be that it has a strong frame but the like floor is a little rusty and could be replaced lol

When is the last time he checked it? If its been sitting for some years it can go downhill fast. Even if the frame is bad I think jonnyri has one for a reasonable price. IMO, it makes sense to take a free Jeep and build a trail rig out of it and keep your car for daily driver duties.

im just ready to sell it and get a jeep! lol

There is a free yj with a solid frame sitting in your back yard and you want to sell it and buy a jeep??

You mentioned you wanted to get involved, you have a free project to learn from in your back yard. IMO, it’s a perfect opportunity.

Does the engine turn by hand?

Does you have spark?

Is it getting fuel?

If so dump and add new fluid and give it a go.

yea i think im using that for a project i didn’t realize it had a strong frame but i should have that on to road in a sort time lol